IM008 7 Aspen Trees with leaves and birds

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This set of aspen trees comes with 7 trees and branches. The branches and leave are separate from the trunks so that you can fully customize this design. It is set up so that you can arrange the branches and leaves to fit your other wall decor. This set come with the following:

• 7 trunks

• Left and Right branches

• 1st sheet of leaves (Majority Color)

• 2nd sheet of leaves (Accent Color)

• Bird sheet

The important design aspect is that you have them cut to fit from the floor to the ceiling. We cut these longer than the average ceiling (see measurements); however, measure from your baseboard to the ceiling and make sure the trunk is long enough but plan to trim them off at the top and bottom for a nice clean fit.

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Please note that each monitor varies in color so these colors are only an idea.

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