About Us

vinyl 4 decor is Born

Home is where our story begins

When I created this gorgeous vinyl wall clock and applied it to my living room wall, I didn’t realize the irony of its statement. Home, truly, is where our story begins…

Two years ago, I was a stay at home mom that was in need of something productive in my life. My husband and I both share a passion for Home Decor, and I have thoroughly enjoyed designing — and re-designing — our warm, inviting home with him over our 12 years of marriage.

When I first saw vinyl, I was in awe at how much it changed the entire feel of a room — and so easily! I instantly fell in love with the concept: Just install it, and when the time comes for something new, it peels right off! No fuss, no sticky residue, and best of all — no paint required! I purchased my first machine in 2007 and went crazy cutting things for all my friend’s and family’s homes. Of course, they loved it (who wouldn’t?) and had to have more… and that is when I realized that I had finally found a business that I could do from home that I loved doing more than anything else.

I’m not the kind of person that can keep a really good thing under my hat. I know there are LOTS of women out there in the same boat I was in, and I thought, “Vinyl makes a perfect party item: it is so affordable, and so easy to sell! Women of all ages love to get together and have fun… Why should I keep this all to myself?” I visualized a network of fun, creative, and outgoing women who could take this wonderful product into homes everywhere. I picked up my first consultant in 2008 and Vinyl 4 Decor has been growing ever since.

Vinyl 4 Decor prides itself on providing women of all ages a fun and easy way to get out and make new friends. We’re here to help you achieve your dreams of breaking free from the office, earning a little extra play money, or just having fun and being creative. Who doesn’t enjoy a girls night out once in a while? I know I do!!

I’d love to hear from you.