Clock NEW! Disney Clocks Have Arrived!
Our new Disney clocks are quickly becoming our most popular item! These gorgeous clocks come in two sizes, one to fit 4" x 6" photos and on to fit 5" x 7" photos. You can also choose from a variety of colors to fit your home decor needs. These eclectic time pieces are sure to be the focus of conversation in your living room. Click Here!
Happiness How Do You Like Our Rooster?
Yes, we are quite fond of him, too. He's been up there on that shelf for quite some time. He's bashful, though, if you can't tell. He never comes out from behind that silk spider plant. Tell you the truth, we've been starting to wonder if he's still alive... But gosh! That vinyl sure looks nice!
Picture A Thousand Words...
...Really don't begin to explain why it's been a week since I changed the lettering on this sign. Vinyl is so much fun! You can stick it on anything. Getting tired of the little boys forgetting to lift the lid? Put a cute vinyl reminder on the seat.

Ok, So... Um, You know what? That's really not a bad idea. I could really use something like that around here!
Dinner Choices You Can't Eat On This Plate
... but it sure is fun to look at, isn't it? The rustic patina just makes that vinyl stand out. And when those picky kids start ta' whinin', all's you gotta do is just shake your hand at it and say, "Talk to 'da plate, boy, you just talk to 'da plate."